About company

The Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect» was established in 2021 with the aim of providing high-quality assistance to both individuals, legal entities and government agencies in the field of digital currencies and the digital economy in general. The orientation of the organization is quite wide and is not limited to solving problems in the field of information security or the digital economy. We solve a lot of problems in the field of accounting, legal aspects, organizational issues, including the preparation of all the necessary documentation, in order to comply with the current legislation, all the rules and regulations of the client who contacted us.

Any interaction with our organization begins with a systematic study of the available data, the task and the proposed ways of its implementation.

«Digital inspect» has all the necessary equipment, as well as the accumulated data obtained as a result of extensive digital research carried out during its existence. In addition, our organization constantly updates the previously obtained data, monitors market development trends and implemented solutions, which ensures the relevance and completeness of the data. The solution of the task in the relevant field is carried out in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and other international standards.


The staff of our organization includes a number of high-level professionals specializing in data protection, digital economy and digital currencies, finance, accounting and law. We are proud that we were able to assemble a decent team. All employees periodically undergo additional training in various IT industries, increasing their skills, they become even more professionals in their field and more useful for the company.

The main criterion for the work of each employee is the result – a satisfied client – a completed and closed task. Our team is a community of professionals, which is a reliable support for new employees. The Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect» invests in its employees, helping them financially in their development (training).

Our mission

The main mission of our company is an accessible digital economy for everyone. In the work in the field of digital currencies, there should be no obstacles from a non-legal field. People, organizations, government agencies should not be faced with the problems of understanding, searching for data and verifying the work of organizations in the field of digital assets. The fight against fraud and assistance in this area to government agencies is also our main task. Ignorance of the mechanisms of operation of digital assets and technologies associated with them should not contribute to the development of fraud, deception and losses among the population.

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