Market research

The digital economy market is developing and changing very dynamically. Every day, thousands of changes take place in a huge number of networks in various forms: transactions, commissions, smart contracts. All these data represent huge amounts of information that require large processing and storage capacities. Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect» is constantly working in this area. We collect large amounts of data in individual aspects that interest us, analyze all this information and conduct research of a different nature and direction. The data obtained helps us and our clients to be at the center of events and to have up-to-date information.

In addition to this data, we analyze:

  • Vulnerabilities and technology improvements.
  • New algorithms and digital assets.
  • Market trends and changes in the field of mass market reactions.
  • Rates, dependencies, capitalization.

This is not all that interests us and what we are ready to work with. Our team consists of experienced niche analysts who have been following the market and technologies for many years and have a great knowledge base. We don’t just record data, we identify dependencies and try to anticipate possible scenarios.

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