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The world is so changeable that it becomes very difficult to keep track of interesting and useful information. The digital transformation is enormous. Our organization, in the course of its daily work, passes through itself a lot of information and sifting out information noise and provides its clients and partners with only the most important, meaningful and worthwhile attention.

In this part of our site, we try to post only useful and interesting information from the world of news and legislation of different countries.

«News» — only the most relevant and interesting news from all over the world and Russia, in particular.

«Legislation» — materials related to the legislative framework. This section will be especially useful for those who are going to start their own business related to the digital economy.

In the «Question Answer» section, we have tried to answer the most popular questions that come from users to us in as much detail and concisely as possible.

«Articles» — our thoughts, interesting materials from partners and notes from other sources. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the improvement of this section of the site – write to us by e-mail (, we will be grateful for your personal opinion.

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