The modern approach to business and the rapidly developing IT niche require modern methods of solving related problems. Companies very often strive to increase profits and make every effort to this, while forgetting about the usual rules of reporting, workflow and accounting. The manager does not have time for everything at once, the staff may not have the proper experience, and remote employees do only what they were instructed to do, without any self-organization.

Timely involvement of our organization in solving issues in the field of accounting and full consultation can solve all problems and tasks. The success of the company may depend on the correctness of the decisions made, so it is very important to get expert advice.

Our accounting specialists will be glad to help you:

Produce a comprehensive thorough analysis of the data or a specific task (situation);

Identify shortcomings in the volume and accuracy of accounting, eliminate them;

Build a step-by-step accounting plan.

At the same time, the client receives the personal opinion of an experienced accountant or several accountants, if the situation requires it, and detailed answers to questions in an accessible language for everyone. The digital economy and the high rates of its development are very demanding for correct bookkeeping. Most accountants are far from digital finance and will not be able to resolve any issue without a large amount of time spent exploring the niche. Most of our specialists have a bias of specialization in digital finance. In our daily work, we use the latest regulations, modern software and an accounting approach.

How are the consultations going?

Our experts advise:

At the office of the Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect»;

By phone/Skype/Zoom;

By email.

We help you solve
  • A problem in the field of accounting;
  • Which tax system to choose;
  • Any questions of taxation and accounting;
  • Payroll and HR records;
  • Recording transactions in the digital economy;
  • Penalties and fines;
  • Any other questions related to accounting.

Do you have a question?