Tax consulting

Taxation, proper justification and payment are the most important part of accounting in general. Any arrears, evasion or error in calculations – all this is a negative, which can lead to various kinds of consequences. It is important to understand all this and make the right choice in terms of the responsible person. But how to do it?

What questions we most often face

  • Do I have to pay tax on a particular activity?
  • How to file a declaration correctly?
  • Which jurisdiction is better to choose for my type of activity?
  • Is it my money or is it the company’s money?
  • How to reduce the risks of tax audits?
  • Who is to blame that we were fined?

There are thousands of questions like these. Everyone should do their own job. The head of the company or entrepreneur should conduct business, and accounting and taxation should be conducted by a professional.

Digital Research Center “Digital Inspect” invites all business entities to receive professional advice from our specialist in the field of taxation. We will answer any questions you may have.

How are the consultations going?

Our experts advise:

At the office of the Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect»;

By phone/Skype/Zoom;

By email.

We help you solve
  • A problem in the field of accounting;
  • Which tax system to choose;
  • Any questions of taxation and accounting;
  • Payroll and HR records;
  • Recording transactions in the digital economy;
  • Penalties and fines;
  • Any other questions related to accounting.

Do you have a question?