Our research center is constantly developing and growing. We are very demanding, so the selection of candidates for our team is very rigorous. We welcome new candidates and offer very comfortable working conditions.

Our team also includes remote employees, we do not refuse such cooperation, the main thing is to be a really valuable employee for us and strive to show high results. The return on each employee is the main selection criterion and an important aspect of a long-term and fruitful work.

The consideration of candidates for our ranks takes place on an ongoing basis. Below are the vacancies that we have at the moment.

We accept your CVs by e-mail:

PR Manager
organization of advertising campaigns on the Internet in all segments.

The candidate must be: sociable, inquisitive, proactive, quick-witted, purposeful, intelligent, friendly and stress-resistant.

Blockchain specialist
analysis of blockchain system protocols, working with algorithms, data collection.

Blockchain engineer and developer should know and be able to: be able to write in a native language without using any frameworks. Know the basics of design and development, problem analysis, and finding solutions. Be able to compare the device of top blockchain systems, algorithms and protocols.

System Administrator
operability and maintenance of the organization’s equipment and providing technical support to users.

Must know: the basics of software (MS Office, 1C, graphics and other computer programs) and methods of its development; the architecture of modern PCs, the content of computer hardware; the principles of network protocols and the construction of computer networks; the basics of data organization, methods and mechanisms for managing them; the principles of organizing expert, operating and file systems; the Linux system and some programming languages at the entry level; English for the technical sphere; the basics of higher mathematics and computer science, the theory of algorithms; legal norms in the field of information, copyright and related rights; rules for registration of technical documentation; safety and fire protection, labor protection standards; methods of information protection, fundamentals of information security.

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