Mining consulting

Consulting on a wide range of issues in the field of mining and technology.

Our specialists can easily help you with staff recruitment, purchase of equipment for mining, commissioning, selection of locations for business placement. We are able to provide remote technical support and hardware setup.

This is an incomplete list of our mining services:

  • Professional consultation of specialists. IT engineers, network engineers, electricians, designers and commissioners are at your service.
  • Hardware setup. Buying mining equipment is not even half the battle. It is important to correctly assemble and configure it. “Digital Inspect” will easily help you in setting up mining.
  • Commissioning and electrical installation work. Our specialists design, install, test and launch, diagnose and maintain equipment.
  • Audit of the operating mining business. We conduct a full independent audit of the existing business for efficiency, identify weaknesses and eliminate them.
  • Mining software optimization. In matters of mining, there is always something to pay attention to, not only in the technical field, but also in software. We conduct work on existing/planned systems and their software to improve efficiency (profit and service life).
  • Software security analysis. Audit for the presence of the fact/possibility of theft of funds from the mining of existing/planned systems.
  • Consultation and search for offers, technical and legal support of transactions for the purchase of mining equipment.
  • Estimation of the cost of existing/purchased equipment and calculation of payback.

Cooperation with Government authorities is also carried out:

  • Analysis and audit for the presence of the fact/possibility of theft of electricity resources from power grids during mining of existing/planned systems.
How are the consultations going?

Our experts advise:

At the office of the Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect»;

By phone/Skype/Zoom;

By email.

We help you solve
  • A problem in the field of accounting;
  • Which tax system to choose;
  • Any questions of taxation and accounting;
  • Payroll and HR records;
  • Recording transactions in the digital economy;
  • Penalties and fines;
  • Any other questions related to accounting.

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