Lawyer consulting

The modern digital finance market is very changeable and not stable not only in the area of capitalization and exchange rates, but also from a legal point of view, too, in the area of legislation and regulation. Filter out…

Sometimes it is not so easy to filter out the necessary information from the information noise. But even if organizations are able to select the information they need, it still needs to be properly applied. In such cases, the Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect» offers its clients assistance in the form of legal advice. Our experienced lawyers with a financial bias, constantly working in the field of digital assets, are ready to provide all the necessary assistance both in the form of consultations and with the preparation of documents. Having a huge amount of data, we will clearly tell you the specifics of the regulation of digital currencies in a particular jurisdiction, the necessary steps to properly conduct business and work with digital finance. Each applicant receives a full and comprehensive consultation on the issues of interest to them. Any appeal will not remain without consideration and response.

How are the consultations going?

Our experts advise:

At the office of the Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect»;

By phone/Skype/Zoom;

By email.

We help you solve
  • A problem in the field of accounting;
  • Which tax system to choose;
  • Any questions of taxation and accounting;
  • Payroll and HR records;
  • Recording transactions in the digital economy;
  • Penalties and fines;
  • Any other questions related to accounting.

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