Tax reporting

If the company works and makes a profit, then it must pay taxes. This is certainly correct and should be, unless otherwise provided by the jurisdiction in which the organization operates. In most countries, where the development of the digital economy is proceeding at a high pace, there are very often discrepancies or lack of a legal framework. But tax authorities often publish and declare that taxes in this niche should be paid along with others. Then what?

Waiting until the tax authorities are interested in where the money comes from and why the company does not pay taxes is an absolutely wrong decision. You must work with integrity and respect the laws of the countries in which you operate.

The Digital Research Center «Digital Inspect» has been working in this area for a long time and successfully helps to correctly record income, justify financial flows and pay the necessary tax payments. Absolutely any organization can contact our center with this issue, and we will help to solve it both within the framework of the accounting consultation service, and separately from the accounting department.

Who may need our services

  • CEOs of companies and entrepreneurs who do not understand taxation and accounting.
  • Companies that start working in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Companies that start working in new niches and advanced technologies, the regulation of taxation which is not so easy.
  • Any organization that does not have a lawyer or accountant on its staff.

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