The “Digital Control” digital research centre took part in a seminar, the topic of which was the fight against cybercrime

In late May of 2022, the Investigative Committee of Belarus hosted a seminar on “Practical means of counteraction to challenges and threats in cyberspace”.

The event, which took place in Minsk, was attended by a team from the “Digital Control” research centre, a delegation from the Main Directorate for Drugs Control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, representatives of investigation and criminalistics departments of the Investigative Committee of Russia, representatives of the “Kaspersky Lab”, OOO “Currency Com Limited” and investigators of crime in the field of modern technology from the Investigative Committee of Belarus.

The Committee’s representative Dmitry Gora noted the importance of the matters discussed, such as digital security, theory and practice of potential investigations regarding crimes organised via Internet, and the training of personnel needed to combat such crime.

            Dmitry Gora noted that the amount of crime in cyberspace is increasing. Fight against cybercrime requires coordination with all foreign colleagues. Sadly, there is a noticeable regression when it comes to cooperation with law enforcement agencies of certain countries. The politicisation of the West hinders the fight against a common threat.

The objective of this event was to provide experience to all attendants via communication and discussion of difficult topics. The matters of investigating such crime, current methods and trends of the fight were discussed.

The report of the “Digital Control” research centre was presented by a senior specialist in the field of cryptocurrency transactions and data analyst, Dmitry Sorokin. The report’s topic “Research and analysis of cryptocurrency transactions with the aim of deanonymization of users” was discussed a lot during the meeting.

            The representative of the Investigative Committee thanked everyone for attending the event and presenting their reports.

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